31 Days of #Locktober

So you might be asking yourself what is #Locktober…it’s a Hashtag that blew up with popularity a few years ago. What is it all about? The idea is that during October boys will remain Locked in Chastity for the entire month of #Locktober.

While a Keyholder like me believes all boys should remained locked at all times, #Locktober is just an excuse to have a little fun and maybe encourage some new boys to try chastity!

So as a way to encourage chastity for the month of October and to celebrate reaching 700 followers on Twitter, I’m offering a game for #Locktober. Starting October 1st you will join everyone else taking part in #Locktober by locking into your chastity cage. You can self-lock, lock up with another keyholder or discuss keyholding options with me. For those of you who decide to join my #Locktober Game, each day I will be posting a prompt for a verification pic and some days will include small tasks or challenges for you to complete.

As a Thank You to my 700 followers I am offering this as a “Pay What You Can” game. You may send a Tribute to me via an Amazon.ca E-Gift Card (Canadian Site) to my email TheGoddessSummer@gmail.com in an amount you can afford. Once you send the gift card use the registration form below to sign up. Before October 1st you will receive a password for the #Locktober Game page here on my blog where you will find all the details and prompts.

Look forward to playing!
Goddess Summer

***Anyone may take part and you may self lock or have someone else holding your key. But if you are owned by a Keyholder or Mistress be sure you have their permission to participate. Entry into this game does not include my Keyholding services, those fees can be found here if you would like to discuss having me hold your key.


Chastity Game – Jar of Keys

I have a new game for you boys! Who is willing to leave the length of their lock up entirely to luck of the draw? 

How it works…
You will lock with my lock and the key will be dropped into a jar full of keys (the number of keys will be agree on in advance). Each week I will pull out one random key that may or may not fit your lock. When you receive the key you will try it, if it unlocks the lock you are free, if not you will have another chance the next week! 

Buy Out Options…
You may “Buy” one additional key per week at $20 per key or all remaining keys for a predetermined buy out value. 

The Game fee starts at $125. 

Who wants to play! 

September Surprise of the Month – Let’s Talk About Breasts

Okay boys and girls…it’s time to announce the next Surprise of the Month for September! 

This month the focus is on Breasts and Nipples! I will be sending you a package with a lacy bra and a couple other essentials for starting on your breast transformation. You will also receive a training assignment to complete for me with your package of goodies! 

The Surprise of the Month fee is $100 CAD via an Amazon.ca (Canadian) Egift card sent to my email at TheGoddessSummer@gmail.com. Regular Shipping is included within Canada and USA. International shipping will have additional fees. 

***Please note this package will NOT include supplements/hormones/creams***