Mini Tasks

Ready to dip your toe into submitting? Mini Tasks are perfect for you! 

A small task that will give you a taste of what it would be like to serve. Mini Tasks are meant to be short tasks that can be done in a small amount of time.

All tasks assigned by Goddess Summer have a purpose in mind. 

  • Personal growth/education of the submissive (ie. research, reading, cultural activities)
  • Training/conditioning the submissive (ie. cum training, , personal care (ie. exercise, diet, grooming)
  • To keep the submissive busy (ie. chores, errands, social media)
  • To gather information about the submissive (ie. journalling, questionnaires, essays)
  • Purely for the enjoyment/amusement of Goddess (ie. cbt, humiliation, games, pure silly fun). 

A an appropriate task will be chosen for the submissed based on the relationship between Goddess Summer and the submissive. A request for a specific type of task will be taken into consideration but Goddess Summer will make the final decision.

Ready to dip your toe? Each Mini Task is $10 paid via and Egift card. When you send the gift card be sure to include your email and mention the gift card is for a Mini Task. 

New Poll – Which Disney Princess Do You Dream of Being?

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for a new Poll! 

This one is simple and just for fun! I want to know what Disney Princess do you dream of being? After you’ve answered I would love to hear why you dream to be that Princess in the comments below! 

Chastity Game – Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever….Had a Dominant force me to take a strap on in my ass….have you???

I have a fun new Chastity Game that I can’t wait to play! I will ask the questions and you will tell me all your secrets!

The rules are easy:

  • You will lock up in your cage while I hold the key. 
  • I will ask you a number of questions we decide on ahead of time. 
  • Each “Yes” will add a day to your lock up. 
  • I will total all your answers to determine how long until you will be free!

The Fee to play is $100.

    Get in touch to discuss questions or register! 

    Poll Results – Surprise of the Month

    Okay my boys! It’s time to let you know the results of last weeks Poll. I let you have your say about what the next “Surprise of the Month” will be and there is a clear winner! Pajamas! I love pretty feminine pajamas so I’m thrilled that is the item for August’s “Surprise of the Month” and can’t wait to shop!

    Pajamas are $100, which includes pajamas chosen just for you, a task to complete in your pajamas, and regular shipping within Canada and USA. Several of you have already signed up for the Panty of the Month for August so if you want in on this months Surprise of the Month and want them to ship together then be sure to register by Monday, July 31st by Midnight for them to ship out by the end of next week. 

    If you have any questions let me know or just send along your payment (by an Gift Card) with your email, mailing address and clothing size!