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On The Edge Chastity Challenge

Get ready for 10 Days of the most intense Hush/Edge play you’ve experienced! Each day for 10 straight days you will receive a pattern and instructions designed to bring you right to the edge and keep you there! Can you make it through 10 days without unlocking?

How the Challenge Works

The Challenge begins at Midnight on July 14th (12:01am July 14, 2018) and lasts 10 days.

You will lock when the challenge begins with a numbered plastic lock (or another method of locking we can discuss).

Each day you will receive a recorded pattern along with my instructions for play time sent to you on the Lovense App. You will have until midnight to complete my instructions and verify you are still locked tight.

If you make it though all 10 days locked you will have completed my challenge!


What if I don’t have a Chastity Device or can’t stay locked? This is meant to be a fun challenge so you will still receive the daily patterns if you can’t stay locked all 10 days.

What if I don’t have a Lovense Toy? You need to have a Lovense Toy to experience participate in this challenge. If you don’t have one you use my affiliate link here to purchase one before the challenge begins!

What if I miss a day? Then you aren’t successful in completing my challenge but you will still receive the daily instructions to keep playing for fun.

This is a Pay What You Can game. To participate you must send an (Canadian) egift card to my email and complete the registration info below. As an extra Bonus, anyone who sends $50 or more will get a half hr Live Control chat session with me during the challenge!

Chafing While In Chastity

During these hot summer months it can be harder to stay locked. Hormones are always a little more amped up of course. But also with hot humid weather comes more risk of Chafing.

Chafing is simply caused by rubbing. And in hot humid weather your skin is sticky and more prone to rubbing so chafing is more of an issue. It can cause alot of pain when you’re locked up but there are ways to help ease the pain or to minimize the chance of having chafing in the first place.

As always while in chastity it’s important to stay clean and dry. Be sure to wash throughly atleast once a day with soap and rinse well by spraying the water directly into your cage. After your shower give yourself time to air out and dry before you get dressed.

There are a few products you can try to avoid chafing including silicone based lubricant, petroleum jelly or anti chafing balm. Usually these can all be easily and inexpensively found at your local drug store in the health care area or from sex shops or online. After your shower use your finger or a q-tip to apply a little under any area of the cage and ring that could be rubbing. Just remember a little can go a long way and you can add more throughout the day or before any physical activity if you need to. This should help stop the rubbing before it turns into chafing. Talc Powder (Baby Powder) can also help to limit the mositure by giving yourself a light dusting when you are clean and dry.

If you realize too late that your cage is rubbing you need to take care of it so it doesn’t get worse. Keeping clean and dry is even more important now. Since bacteria grows in warm, moist conditions and if you have breaks in your skin this can cause painful infections so take more care to wash throughly. If you have just minor chafing then start using the products mentioned above now. This might be enough to stop it from getting any worse. If you experience chafing that is bad enough to break the skin it’s important to use an antibacterial cream to help with healing and protect against infection. If it continues to get worse or becomes infected then it’s likely time to remove the cage to allow it to heal. Do your best not to let it get to that point.

This is one of the big reasons why I always prefer metal cages for longer lock ups as I discussed in a previous post. Metal cages are more open which allows for more air circulation while plastic cages hold the moisture against your skin. I see far more issues with chafing in plastic cages then I do with metal cages. This is something to consider when buying your cage.

If you are locked for a keyholder be sure they are fully aware if you are having any issues with chafing so they can give you their instructions. As a keyholder I take the health and safety of my boys very seriously and therefore I need to know when there is any issue so I can monitor it. My goal is always to keep my boys locked as long as possible and it’s so disappointing to have chafing be the cause of a release.

Keep those locks on boys!


Goddess Summer

Sissy Scavenger Hunt

EDIT: To those of you asking, Yes you may still register to play anytime until the game is over. You will just have less time to complete the tasks so be ready to put in the effort!

I’m in the mood to play with some sissies and summer is the perfect time for a Sissy Scavenger Hunt!

In this Sissy Scavenger Hunt you will recieve a list of summer themed tasks to work through and you will earn points for each one you complete. Each sissy who earns a minimum of 75 points will recieve a couple pages of printables designed by me that can be printed as temporary tattoos or stickers. The sissy who earns the most points will win a small prize from me in the mail including one of my Chastity Charms.

This game is open to all sissies regardless of your level of experience! The Sissy Scavenger Hunt will begin On July 1st and you will have 2 weeks to complete as many tasks as possible.

This is a Pay What You Can game. To play you will need to submit an (Canadian) gift card to my email at and complete the registration form below.

New Batch of Chastity Charms

If you’ve been following me you know that a few weeks ago I made some fun Chastity Charms and I made a few available here. Most of them got snapped up pretty quickly and I’ve finally gotten the time to not only make some more but I found a way to make them even better!

I originally designed them just for a few of my owned pets and to use as rewards and such but the response has been great so I will continue to make them available from time to time. I’ve considered setting up something official online to sell them but honestly I just don’t have the time to do that, so for now I will continue to make limited numbers available here every few weeks when I have the time.

So how do you get one? Simple. Send a $20 Gift Card to my email at and fill out the form below with your mailing info and the Chastity Charm you would like.

If the picture is up on this post then the charm is available. Charms are made using Shrink Plastic and are sealed for durability and comes on a small keyring to easily wear it on your chastity cage. Charms can also be worn on a chain, as a keyring, or anywhere else you can think of. And yes I will consider making custom charms with your owners name, the date of your release etc, you may get in touch to discuss.


Goddess, What Chastity Device Should I Buy?

The question everyone interested in chastity asks at one time or another. What device is the right device?

You’ve most likely found yourself here one of a couple ways.

First, you’ve just learned about chastity or have been interested in awhile and you’re doing some research about buying your first device or a new device or you’re just curious and you came across my blog. Good Boy. I am always happy with submissive boys who do research themselves when they are first getting started so they approach me with informed questions.

Or you may be in a second group. You’ve asked me the question that I get asked daily. “Goddess, What Chastity Device Should I Buy?”. And when I say I get asked daily, I’m not exaggerating. I get this question at least once. Every. Single. Day. So if you’re here because you’ve asked me this question then be sure to read this post fully and then you may get in touch again.

So why did I send you here instead of just giving you the answer you desire? It’s very simple. Making the right decision about your cage takes more then just randomly naming a device I like. Consideration needs to be taken with regards to factors like lifestyle, health, lock up goals and your size. And to consider all those factors and come up with an informed decision takes my precious time. If you would like to ask me to give you my time and attention to make that decision for you then you must show me that you respect my time with a tribute. Or even better, by showing me you are serious about committing to locking up for me and sending the lock up fee.

Now with that being said here are some things to consider that will help you decide on the right cage if you are making this decision on your own.

What are your chastity goals:
Different cages are good for different purposes. If you’re a sissy and will just be locked during sessions or while you’re enjoying time as your sissy self then a cute pink plastic cage may be the right choice. But if your goal is to submit to long term chastity under strict rules then a stainless steel cage will be the best choice for many reasons. Think about your chastity goals as you continue reading.

Metal or plastic:
Plastic or silicone cages can be fun and cute for short lock ups but are not well suited for long term lock ups. While locked in this type of closed cage your penis does not have the air circulation as it would in an open metal cage and therefore you will need to remove the cage weekly for cleaning, otherwise you will have a unpleasant odors, and it can cause issues for health and hygiene.

Stainless Steel is the best choice if you are serious about long term chastity. There is nothing more secure then a well built and proper fitting steel cage. With an open stainless steel cage you will have no issues with keeping clean and having proper hygiene during your lock up. There are a huge variety of steel cage available so you should have no problem finding one that will fit you well.

Do you travel often? Even if you are locked long tern in a stainless steel chastity cage it can be a good idea to keep a plastic cage and some plastic locks on hand in case of last minute travel. It’s simple enough to quickly change over from your steel cage to your plastic cage to be able to go through airport security without too funny looks. If you have a proper fitting plastic cage then you can likely keep it on for the duration of your trip and make the change back when you return home.

There are enough cages on the market these days and you can buy them from a variety of online or brick and mortar shops that you will be able to find a cage at any budget. But keep in mind you often get what you pay for. Cheap cages are often lower quality and could be made of materials that aren’t suited to chastity cages. Do your research before deciding on a cage and keep in mind there are many cheap knock offs of higher end cages so make sure you’re getting the real thing.

Correct Measurement:
Having the right fit will make all the difference in having a fun chastity experience. Cages that are too tight can cause restriction to blood flow that can cause long term damage and cages that are too loose will eventually slip off and ruin the experience for both you and your keyholder. The measurement of the ring is most important so be sure to measure properly. Your size can change as your body temperature changes and at different times of the day so take a few measurements to be sure you have it right. Or you may consider buying set of sizing rings to try them before investing in an expensive cage. You can find measurement instructions and sizing rings various places but Mature Metal is reputable source.

Integrated Lock or Padlock?
If a long distance keyholder will be holding your key then a cage that is locked with a padlock will make things much easier for your keyholder to send you a lock as most keyholders do not wish to give out their personal address. If you already have a cage with an integrated lock there are of course always ways to lock up the key securely such as a solid metal tool box that can be locked by your keyholders padlock. You can discuss these options with your keyholder.

If you are self locking or your partner is holding your key then either an integrated lock or a padlocked cage will work well and would just be a matter of personal preference. You can also find some cages like from Mature Metal that have the option of using an integrated lock or a padlock so that is a great way to go for the serious chastity enthusiast.

A few of favorite cages include….
The Vice, BON4, The Spider, and Mature Metal Custom Cages.

Have fun in your journey with chastity!


Goddess Summer