Bend Over Sissy Puzzle

A little treat for you boys and girls! And a thank you to my follower who recently let me know about this fun site! Click on the picture below to take you to the puzzle!

Have fun! And leave a comment below if you would like to see more here in the future!


Chastity By The Hour – Game


Lately I have had so many of you inquiring about if you can just be locked for me during certain hours for the day. I understand that lifestyle and personal relationships can stand in the way of chastity so I decided to create a little game. I believe all boys should be locked so this game is for those of you in that situation to be able to try chastity.

But….chastity isn’t supposed to be easy so you will still need to commit yourself! Get ready!

This game begins with 4 weeks of Chastity. Each week you will have a required number of locked hours (This will be a number we agree on). You can fulfill those required hours at any time of the day but must be finished by the end of the week. You will be required to send verification pics of lock up/unlock times and I can ask for verification at any time during the hours you are locked. You will also have one task to complete while you are locked each week.

If you fail to complete any of the required hours each week there will be consequences. If you are short even 1 hour you will face a fine and one week will be added to your chastity term.

The fee for your first 4 weeks is $150 sent by (Canadian) egift card to


Chastity Roulette

Spring is a time for cleaning out the old and bringing in the new! One of my very first games (and posts on my blog) was a version of my Chastity Roulette game. Even now that post from almost a year ago gets many hits each day! So it’s time for a new refreshed version and here it is!

For this game my regular Interactive Keyholding Fees apply ($75 Lock Up Fee plus $25 per week). To begin with a spin of the wheel and see your fate you may send a $25 deposit. The remaining portion of my lock up fee will be required to received a lock and get started serving out your time.

Each Friday you will be given the option to have one spin on the “Adjustment Wheel” to try to change your fate. But be careful you may have time taken away or more time added so each spin comes with a high risk! You could be mine for a very long time!

To begin fill out the registration form below and send your tribute via an Gift card to

Goddess Summer’s Hush Hour

I want to control all the toys and you’re invited!

My goal is to take live control of as many Hush Plugs (or other Lovense Toys) as I can in one hour!

Joining in the fun is easy.

1. Sign into your Lovense Account and send me a request (GoddessSummer) to add me to your contacts.

2. Change your Mood Message to “Goddess Summer’s Hush Hour) so I know you’re going to take part.

3. Be online between 3pm and 4pm (Eastern Time Zone) on Friday, March 16th.

Be sure your toy is charged and synced and ready to go. I will take control of one boy at a time until the hour is up! Before I move on to the next boy I will send you a recorded pattern to continue playing on your own!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @Goddess_Summer_ to follow along with my tweets during the hour to see how many toys I take control of!