“Good morning Mistress, how can I please you today?”

The day started as every day does, with sending a text to his beloved Mistress hoping he would be able to make her happy in some way that day. But today there was a response that shocked him. 

“Boy I have something very important for you to do this evening. If you follow my instructions you will make me very happy but you must follow my commands completely every moment, is that understood?”

“Yes of course Mistress, I understand. What would you like me to do?” He felt his tiny dick jump at the idea of having something important to do for his Mistress and could barely contain his excitment as he waited for her text with instructions for him.

Finally her reply came, “First, lock your pathetic dick up in your cage right now before reading any further. Flush your key down the toilet, I have the spare and only key left to unlock you when I’m ready to release you. Put on your pink lace bra, pink satin panties, black fishnet thigh highs and otherwise dress normally for the day. Sometime today you will pick up a bottle of whiskey, rope, and earplugs. You will be bringing those things to my home this evening. Before you come to my home you will also put in your vibrating butt plug that I will have control of. At 7pm exactly you will come to my home. Come to the back door and enter through the kitchen. Pour two generous glasses of whiskey on ice. Remove all your clothes except your pink panties. You will see an outfit and blindfold on the counter, get dress and put on the blindfold and then stand at the doorway of the kitchen to wait for me with one glass of whiskey in each hand. Don’t make a sound or move from that spot until you see me. Are my instructions clear boy”

“Yes Mistress, I will do exactly as you ask” the boy eagerly replied.

Just as he was told to do the boy locked up his useless dick and put on his Mistress’ favorite lingerie. He then dressed for work knowing this day would seem like an eternity. All day as he worked his mind kept wandering to imagine what his Mistress had planned for him this evening. Every time his mind wandered his cage started to fill with his swollen cock. He couldn’t help hoping she would unlock him right away and let him cum. Finally the work day was over and he rushed to pick up the items he was instructed to in time to get to his Mistress’ home for 7pm, he knew he couldnt be late. 

As he parked his car on the street and made his way to the back door his excitment was was causing his cock to fill his cage to its limit causing him so much pain. He looked at his watch and waited for exactly 7pm before opening the door and entering the kitchen. He had never been allowed into his Mistress’ home before and knew this was a rare honour and he would touch only what he was told to. He walked over to the cupboards and found two glasses and filled them both with ice and a generous pour of whiskey. He saw the clothing and blindfold left for him on the counter just as Mistress had said. Mistress had choosen a very tight very short black satin skirt, a light pink sweater and a pair of black shoes with very high heels. She had also left a long blonde wing. He couldn’t wait to be dressed for her and knew she would be pleased to see him in the clothing she had picked for him. He then tied the blindfold around his head covering his eyes with the dark silky material. He carefully picked up the glasses and stepped into the doorway to wait as instructed teatering on the tall heels just slightly. Just at that moment his plug started to vibrate in his pussy so hard he almost dropped one of the glasses. He pictured his Mistress upstairs with a smile on her face knowing how uncomfortable this was going to make him while he waited for her. He briefly wondered how long he would be waiting but knew he was happy to wait as long as she decided. While he waited he couldn’t help shifting a little as his plug vibrated deep inside him and he could feel his clit start to drip cum in his pink panties. 

He couldn’t know exactly how long he had been standing there but it felt like atleast an hour. The entire time his plug hadn’t stopped vibrating and he was somewhere between pleasure and pain. Just when he felt like he couldnt take it any longer he heard the doorbell ring. He paniced not knowing if he should hide or stay where he was told. He chose to follow his Mistress’ instructions and stayed where he was. He heard his Mistress slowly coming down the stairs and heard the door opening. Then he heard a deep mans voice greet her and give her a long kiss followed by them chatting quietly for a few minutes. The entire time he stood without moving, still holding the two glasses of whiskey. Finally he heard his Mistress mention him, “You can see my good sissy boy waiting with a drink for us. He’s the one I showed you those pictures of if you remember?” The deep voice laughed close to him as the drinks were taken out of his hands, “How could I forget that pathetic excuse for a man. I see you’ve given him an appopriate makeover for tonight. Do you think he’s ready for this?” and a large hand firmly smacked his ass. 

He thought maybe he would finally be able to take off the blindfold and wanted to ask but knew he should only speak if he was instructed to so he kept quiet and waited to find out what would happen next. “We’re all going to go upstairs boy, you may follow me.” his Mistress said as she gently took his hand and pulled him along behind her up the stairs into a room. She guided him into the place she wanted him and instructed him to go onto his knees for her. He felt the large strong hands take each hand and felt rope slip around his wrists and his arms were each tied, spread wide to his sides so he couldn’t move them and was stuck on his knees. He was so anxious to know exactly what was going to happen but knew he couldn’t ask any questions and would just have to wait to find out. He felt the earplugs put into his ears and their voices became distant. He sensed they moved away from him and he was left to wait again. 

After a few minutes on his knees, still blindfolded and filled with the vibrating plug he was stuggling to hear something to give a clue of what was coming. And that’s when he heard the distinct sound of his mistress moaning and the deep voice telling her how good her wet pussy felt. He understood they were just a few feet away while the man with the deep voice was inside his Mistress giving her so much pleasure. He had mixed feelings of sadness that he could never fulfill his Mistress’ needs the way this man surely could but he was also happy for her that someone was filling her with a big cock. He could hear her moaning growing louder and knew she was going to orgasm any minute and cover that big cock in her juices. Suddenly the moans subsided and he knew she had cum, but why had they stopped he wondered. The man with the deep voice would want to cum still. Just then the earplugs were removed and the blindfold was pulled down. Inches from his face was the thickest 9″ cock he had seen before, “Open your mouth sissy” he was ordered by his Mistress and of course he did as he was told. He felt the two large hands of the very muscular man on each side of his head as that huge cock was shoved down his throat. “Take it boy and don’t gag” the deep voice said and then laughed “It’s about time you found out what a real cock can do.” The man was so hard from fucking his Mistress and filled his entire throat bringing tears to his eyes. But he knew he had to do as asked and although he struggled at first he managed to take the mans entire cock deep into his throat. As the man fucked his face roughly he could hear his Mistress laughing in the background encouraging the man to take his time and enjoy himself. Before long at all the sissy felt the man tense and pull out as he started to cum. As he pulled out he filled the sissies throat and mouth with cum and continued cumming all over his face. He could feel globs of cum dripping off his chin onto the floor. 

“Good boy. You may swallow and lick the cum off your lips. There will be more later for you.” And with that the blindfold once again covered his eyes and the earplugs where put into his ears. He was left wanting to feel more of that huge cock inside him and wondered what else would happen that evening.


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