Below is a little teaser for a story that I will post later today. Before I post the full story I want to hear your guesses about what’s in the briefcase! If any of you boys guess correctly you will receive a fun little gift in the mail from me!

Thomas was having an insanely busy day at the office. A big deal was about to close and everyone under pressure to be prepared in time for the big meeting after lunch. Thomas knew he would be eating at his desk and opened his briefcase hoping to find a power bar to get him through the day. Instead he found a surprise from his wife…..

Post your guesses in the Comments below! Good luck boys! 


6 thoughts on “What’s in the Briefcase? – Short Story Teaser

    1. Nope! The story is published…take a look at it in the “Short Stories” category titled “Hush in the Boardroom”


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