Thomas was having an insanely busy day at the office. A big deal was about to close and everyone under pressure to be prepared in time for the big meeting after lunch. Thomas knew he had no time to go get a sandwich and opened his briefcase hoping to find a power bar to get him through the afternoon. Instead he found a surprise from his wife.

Inside was small wrapped box with a letter attached. He opened the letter first and it read. “Happy Anniversary to my Darling Husband.” He panicked at first that he had forgotten their wedding anniversary but realized it wasn’t until next month so what was she talking about. He continued to read hoping for an explanation. “Today marks one year of your service as my obedient cuck and I would like you to join in the celebration. It’s been a fun year and there have been so many men who have joined the fun with us but you know I have a favorite. This afternoon I have a date with Mark. You must remember how well Mark fucks your beautiful wife and how loud he makes me cry out when he pounds me with his huge cock and how you can hear his big balls slapping against me with each thrust? No you don’t get to watch or listen but your gift will help you enjoy the fun I will be having in our bed while you’re hard at work. Open it now, turn it on and insert it. I have control and it’s set to vibrate with the sound of our fucking so be prepared. Enjoy, your Loving Wife”

Thomas was instantly hard knowing his wife was probably right now getting dressed and putting on the new lingerie he noticed she brought home yesterday and that she would look stunning for her date with Mark. Mark was a much better looking and more masculine man then Thomas and he knew his wife deserved to have an afternoon of amazing sex with him since Thomas did such a poor job of pleasing her.

He wondered what was in the wrapped package that would vibrate like she mentioned but he had an idea. He grabbed the box to unwrap it and found out he was correct. It was a Hush butt plug that she could control on her phone. He knew from her note she had already set it up to have control and he rushed to the washroom to insert it as she had instructed. 

As he was leaving the washroom to head back to his office his boss ran into him and said the meeting had been moved up and was about to start. Their potential new customers were waiting in the board room and he needed to get there right away. He rushed to his office and quickly sent a text to his wife saying “Thanks hun! Have fun with Mark! Headed into a big meeting. Talk later!” and then he quickly left for the meeting. 

About an hour later he was so absorbed in the meeting and tension was so high that he had completely forgotten about the huge plug filling his sissy cunt. But his wife hadn’t forgotten to include him in the fun and suddenly he felt a slight vibration that grabbed his attention. He was in the middle of explaining some statistics and was so surprised by the vibration he lost track completely of what he was saying and struggled to regain his train of thought but managed to recover and hoped no one else noticed. The vibration had just been subtle and he knew his wife must have just turned it on and there would be more to come. He was going to be stuck in this meeting for at least another hour and there was no way he could escape if the vibration got intense so he would have to somehow keep his composure and carry on. Thank goodness he was sitting at a table and no one would be able to see his hard dicklett causing a small bulge in his tight pants. 

After a few minutes the vibration started again and this time it didn’t stop. He knew how vocal his wife gets when she’s truly pleasured by a man so he had an idea what he was in for. The vibrations started off low with little pulses of higher intensity that was making his little dick leak disgusting sissy cum. He couldn’t help letting his mind wander as he pictured Mark kissing is wife’s breasts and stomach and moving down to her sweet tasting pussy. Just as he was picturing Marks tongue between his wife’s legs the vibrations started to get more intense with what were surely her moans of pleasure. The vibrations got stronger and stronger and finally peaked with he could only assume was his wife’s orgasm from Marks tongue on her pink clit. Not knowing for sure what was happening was driving him mad but he was loving the images running through his mind. 

The vibrations briefly stopped and then began once again with intensity. The pattern of the vibrations had to be from the sounds of Mark fucking his wife. With each vibration Thomas pictured Marks huge cock entering his wife and he wondered what position they were in and if he was fucking her pussy or ass and just wished he could see for himself. The vibrations remained intense and sped up in frequency as Mark began to thrust faster and faster. Thomas was rock hard as he pictured Marks big cock inside his wife’s wet pussy. Thomas was slightly moving his hips wishing he was the one who could give his wife such pleasure. Faster and faster the vibrations came and at the same time they started to get more and more intense. He could feel himself close to cumming and just as his sissy dick started to ooze the vibration became constant and strong with what was surely his wife and Mark both at the peak of pleasure.

Suddenly Thomas heard his name repeated loudly and realized his boss had asked a question and was waiting for an answer. He noticed everyone staring at him and thought he must have been caught with strange look on his face and he quickly gathered himself together and asked his boss to repeat the question. Just as he was getting into an detailed explanation he could feel the Hush begin to softly vibrate again and he knew his wife and Mark were about to start round two. His little dick started to stiffen again inside his cum soaked panties.


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