I’ve had some questions about what you will learn during your one on one Sissy Training Sessions. Here is a general outline of the main topics that will be covered as we progress through your transformation into the Sissy you desire to be. 

For details about pricing and to register you can visit the Sissy Training Page here.

The Basics:

Learning the basics first is so important to start your Sissy transformation. 

We will start with your wardrobe. Even the newest Sissy will have likely accumulated at least a couple pair of panties. We will begin by evaluating your current wardrobe and creating a list of what needs to be added for your transformation including panties, bra’s, skirt’s, dresses and stockings.

Next we will focus on your beauty routine. You will learn the process of exfoliating, shaving and/or waxing and hair care. These things will not only make your appearance more feminine, it will also make you feel much more like the sissy  girl that you are destined to become.  Once you have mastered that you will be introduced to the world of make-up, manicures, pedicures and learn about other beauty products.

Getting Dressed:

We will start with the foundation of panties, bras and stockings. Every Sissy needs to have an assortment of lingerie ready for any occasion. You will learn how to find your proper bra size and how to put on stockings. I will take your preferences into consideration but make the final decision about what pieces you need to add to your wardrobe to complete your appropriate Sissy look.

Now by this point you may think you can pass for a Sissy but we have merely given you a more appropriate feminine appearance. We will have a long way to go and will begin the more challenging part of changing your behaviour. 


During our Etiquette lessons you will learn to embrace the more feminine behaviours you desire. You learn to speak in a soft voice like a woman, learn to pose for photos in a feminine way, learn to walk like a proper sissy and so on. Practice will be necessary and will become part of your daily routine until it becomes second nature.

As these feminine qualities start to become more natural we will work on incorporating them into your daily life. Don’t worry, I will respect any boundaries you set in advance about keeping this side of you hidden but we will incorporate it in a way that satisfies your privacy as well as your need to embrace your feminine side.

Now that you can talk, walk and look more like a Sissy, it will be time to move to more intimate training.

Sex Training:

During this portion of your training you will learn to be the good sissy slut you were destined to be. This training will include but not be limited to; cock sucking, anal training and general submissive training. Learning how to please your dominant partner is vital to your training and I will guide you through this process to gain the skills and confidence you need to please any real man. 

Life Skills:

There are many general skills that come naturally to females that you may struggle with including housework, shopping, cooking, and being a caretaker to those around you. While they seem insignificant they help create the essence of a feminine woman. Throughout your training you will learn many of the skills you will need to fulfill your Sissy calling. 


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