It’s Friday and that means the results are in for this past weeks Poll. I’m a little surprised at how timid most of you sissies are about going out in public! You need my help to start pushing your boundaries just a little don’t you!

So when asked how comfortable you are leaving the house dressed as you Sissy self you said….

63% Only in panties or other lingerie completely hidden under my clothes.
16% I will let my panties or bra just peak out the tinest bit.
12% I will wear one or two slightly feminine itmes like skinny jeans or sheer lipgloss.
5% I will go out completely in women’s clothing.
1% I will go out in any Sissy outfit and make up I please!
3% Other 

And on to the new poll! This week I want to know what bra cup size you like to wear. Make your selection below and see how you compare to other Sissies.

If you missed any previous polls you can find them here


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