Edit on March 28th: Updated version of this game available here!

I’m bored of deciding how long you are locked and I want to shake it up a bit! Who’s willing to leave your lock up time entirely to chance? Pay a one time fee instead of monthly and then spin the wheel to determine how long I will hold your key! Get in touch to play!

***EDITED….I see you boys clicking. You have to make me your keyholder BEFORE you spin the wheel to see your fate.***


2 thoughts on “Chastity Game Fun

  1. Hm, how very tempting. Hehe. A thought though, are any tasks or play included? Can they be? Cheers, and so help you men who end up falling under “indefinite” lol…


    1. I have other packages that include play and tasks so those things are always possible! Also stayed tuned tomorrow for one of the new things I’ve been working on to be announced that may be of interest!


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