It’s Friday which means the results are in and I have a fun new poll for you this week!

First the results from last week when I asked what was your favorite feminine wardrobe accessory. And with a stand out favorite, the most common accessory is Stilettos!

  • 50% – A great pair of stilettos
  • 2% – A beautiful purse
  • 4% – A feminine hat
  • 6% – The perfect jewelry
  • 5% – An apron
  • 22% – Anything with a bow
  • 9% – I don’t know how to accessorize
  • 2% – Other

And now for this months quiz! I want to hear how old you were the first time you wore women’s panties. After you’ve made your selection in the poll leave a comment below telling me all the details! I want to know where you were, who’s panties they were, what they looked like, and how they made you feel! 


6 thoughts on “New Poll – How Old Were You The First Time You Wore Women’s Panties

  1. My first time was, borrowing panties from a bag of my sisters clothes that were being thrown out. They were a nice floral pair of bikini panties that I then had a mind blowing orgasm in.


  2. My first time was my mother’s as I am a single child. They were a plain pair of white bikini panties. I don’t I had an orgasm while wearing them. I just remember how good they felt.


  3. My first time I was about 6 or 7 being an only child I didn’t really have a choice. But my mother had some really nice silky panties, I would sneak them out of the dryer on laundry days and jerkoff off into them and then throw them into the next load of laundry. That was about the time my love for stockings began too.


  4. I wore my mothers panties and stockings from about 8. I got a sexual thrill from doing it, but no orgasm. That came later


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