I’m so thrilled with the response so far for my Brand New Self Guided Sissy Training Course that I’m offering it at a Pay What You Can Price! This is for 24 hrs only so don’t wait!

What is the Self Guided Training Course? It is a Monthly Course delivered to your email. Each Monthly Module includes 30 tasks that will guide you through stages of your transformation. The first month is available now and is suitable for those just getting started and will start you off with many of the behaviours, habits and skills that will be the foundation of your transformation into a Good Sissy Girl. 

How does the Pay What You Can offer work? Simple! You have 24hrs from now (12:00am May 22nd to 11:59pm May 22nd) to take adantage of my offer. Send in your payment via an Amazon.ca (Canadian Site ONLY) E-Gift Cert to my email at TheGoddessSummer@gmail.com. No need to email me first or ask my permission, send in the payment Now so you don’t miss your chance. Include your email address as a comment on your gift card so I know where to send your Self Guided Sissy Training Course. That’s it! Once I have receieved your gift card you will receive and email from me with your Module for the first Month. 

How much should I send? It’s Pay What You Can! The regular price is $60 per Module but if you can only afford half right now then you may send that. You pay the amount you can, it’s that simple. (You will be receiving the First Module only at the Pay What You Can offer)

Head over to Amazon.ca now to send me your gift certificate and you will soon be on your journey to become a Good Sissy Girl like you are destined to be!


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