What payment methods do you accept?
Payment accepted by E-Gift Card. To send your payment visit here, select the appropriate amount and enter my email to deliver to ( Be sure to include a message and your email in the Message area so I know who it’s from.

I will accept some other E-Gift cards if it’s arranged in advance.

How can I use the time included in my Sissy Training or Keyholding package?
The time can be used in full hour blocks or broken up into 15/30 minute increments. It can include texting, online chat, skype, etc.

Why do you charge for Keyholding/Sissy Training/Etc?

You are looking for a service and my time is valuable. Just because I charge for the services I offer that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying our time together. The payments you send show me that you respect my precious time and appreciate the attention I’m giving you and are dedicated to being the best Sissy possible. 

Why do you only accept E-Gift Cards as Payments?

I don’t need you to send me money to pay my bills. I can pay my bills on my own. The Gift Cards you send me are for buying the fun stuff in life like shoes, lingerie, art supplies and so many other things I like! 

Can I have one on one time without signing up for a package?

While I prefer ongoing training and keyholding I will always make time for one on one sessions with new boys. If you aren’t registered for any services the fee for one on one chat time is $25 per 15 minutes and you may fill out the contact form here to sign up for that option.

I love your blog and would like to thank you with a gift, do you have a wishlist?

It pleases me to hear when you enjoy my blog because I spend a lot of my time to make it fun for you sissies. If you would like to send a gift I am always happy to receive E-Gift cards or other gift cards. I am working on a list but in the meantime you may contact me to ask what would be appropriate. 


What is Included in the Training?

All the details can be found on the Sissy School Page here.

What if I want more time then is included in either package?

Extra one on one time can be added to a package at the rate of $50 per additional hour of time. You can add this extra time when you register for training or you can add it anytime during the month you decide you would like more one on one online time. 


How will you control my key if I’m in chastity?
This will depend entirely on your location and personal situation as well as how long I will be keeping you locked so we will discuss to determine what works best for your personal chastity goals but there are many options. Most commonly I will ask you to have a metal lockable box and I will send you a combination lock to secure your key inside. Once it’s time to release I will give you the combination. 

How long will I be locked up?

Prior to locking up your little dick we will agree on how long you will be locked up and how I will decided when it’s time to unlock. While the final decision is ultimately mine, I will take factors like your past experience and future chastity goals into consideration.

What if I have chaffeing or another medical issue while I’m locked?

It is important that you keep me informed if you are having any medical issues that need to be monitored. If there is a medical need or emergency I will allow you to unlock for long enough to solve the issue and then you will relock when it is cleared up.

What happens if I break out before I am allowed?

If you break out of your device without my permission then you forfiet any remaining time in our agreement that you have already paid for. If you decide after that you want to try again you will be required to pay in advance for the full duration of the chastity agreement instead of the monthly agreement.


What if I have a specific colour/style/fabric of panties I prefer?

I don’t care about your preference. If you want something specific then buy it yourself. The point of this club is to receive special panties that are chosen for you by a Goddess.  

How do I know my panty size?

If you have never purchased womens panties before and you don’t know your size you can either visit a local store and try some things on to determine the best size for you or you can use a measurement guide found online to find your size from your measurements.

What if I want more then just one pair of panties each month?

Get in touch though the contact form and we will work something out!

Have another question I haven’t already answered? Get in touch by filling out the Contact form here.