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Chastity Challenge Round 3 Starts November 1st

If you follow me then by now I’m sure you’ve seen my Beginner Chastity Challenges. I have run two rounds and now I’m taking registration for Round 3!

Round One saw 9 boys locked up with 11 days being the winning lockup (and immediately following the challenge he moved into indefinite chastity and has remained locked for 49 days and counting!). Round Two began September 25th with 7 boys. 5 dropped out quickly, leaving two determined boys fighting to be the winner. Those two boys have currently been locked 21 days and are still going strong! I can’t wait to see who the winner of Round Two will be!

Now it’s time for Round 3! Who’s ready to put themselves to the test and see how long you can stay locked?

Round 3 will begin at 12:01 am on November 1st.

Who can Join…

My Beginner Chastity Challenges are for boys who have previously been locked anywhere from a just few minutes up to 7 days. To participate you must have a Chastity Cage and a Numbered Plastic Lock by the start date.

What to expect during the Challenge…

When the Challenge begins, at my instruction all participants will lock themselves into their cages using a numbered plastic lock by 12:01am November 1st. Each boy will submit a verification photo to confirm they are locked! Each day I will give instructions for a verification photo due by midnight. If you submit the photo but have changed your lock or you fail to submit a photo by midnight you are eliminated from the challenge. The Challenge continues until one boy remains locked and is named the winner!

The same as Round 2 I will be creating “Player Cards” for each participant and posting them on the page dedicated to Round 3 of the Challenge. When a Player is eliminated their card will turn black and white until just one Player remains and is named the winner!

How to Join…

There are two steps to registration. First fill out the form below will all the required information. Second submit the fee of $25 CAD payable by gift card sent to me at

You must complete both steps to register in the Beginner Chastity Challenge.