New Poll – How Sexually Experienced Are You?

A conversation recently with one of my boys has made me curious to know….

How much sexual experience do you have (with women)? If you select “other” be sure to leave a comment to explain!

And the results from last weeks poll where you voted about which Disney Princess you most want to be….

…it seems like there isn’t a very strong opinion on this!

Beginner Chastity Challenge

Do you only have a few days or maybe just hours of chasity under your belt? You need motivation to stay locked? Will you be able to stay locked the longest?

There are are unlimited spaces in this Challenge and you will compete to remain locked the longest!

Goddess Summer’s Beginner Chastity Challenge will start September 5th. That gives you 3 weeks to order your device and prepare yourself mentally to lock your little clitty away for Goddess Summer!

What you will need:

  • A chastity device.
  • A numbered plastic tag.
  • A Twitter account.

The rules of the Challenge:

  • Lock up for all participants will begin at 12:01am September 5th, 2017. You will self lock using the numbered plastic tag.
  • Each day Goddess Summer will give a prompt for a photo to prove you remain locked.
  • Stay locked the longest and earn the right to say you are no longer a chastity newbie.

The Participation Fee for the Beginner Chastity Challenge is $25 CAD (Payable via an E-Gift Card emailed to

To register for the Beginner Chastity Challenge you need to submit your gift card and fill out the following form. Your registration is not complete until both steps are complete.

For My Pets Only Private Posts

Starting today I will be writing private posts “For My Pets Only”. Only Deserving Pets will have access to these posts.

What is included in the Private Posts? 
My Pets will receive a minimum of one Mini Task each week (more if I’m feeling generous or demanding), extra posts with Feminization tips, additional Quizes, Polls and Games, and anything else I feel like sharing only with my Pets. 

How do I get access?
There are two ways to get the password for these posts. First is to sign up for any of my Sissy Training or Chastity Packages. Second is to pay a Monthly Fee of $25 CAD to receive the password (paid via E-Gift Card) and access to this extra special content each month. 

As a bonus for the first month of this offer anyone who signs up this month will receive access until October 1st. That’s an extra 2 weeks for the same $25 fee! Send your gift cards now to receive your password! 

You can find the posts for “My Pets Only” under that category tab or by clicking here.

Mini Tasks

Ready to dip your toe into submitting? Mini Tasks are perfect for you! 

A small task that will give you a taste of what it would be like to serve. Mini Tasks are meant to be short tasks that can be done in a small amount of time.

All tasks assigned by Goddess Summer have a purpose in mind. 

  • Personal growth/education of the submissive (ie. research, reading, cultural activities)
  • Training/conditioning the submissive (ie. cum training, , personal care (ie. exercise, diet, grooming)
  • To keep the submissive busy (ie. chores, errands, social media)
  • To gather information about the submissive (ie. journalling, questionnaires, essays)
  • Purely for the enjoyment/amusement of Goddess (ie. cbt, humiliation, games, pure silly fun). 

A an appropriate task will be chosen for the submissed based on the relationship between Goddess Summer and the submissive. A request for a specific type of task will be taken into consideration but Goddess Summer will make the final decision.

Ready to dip your toe? Each Mini Task is $10 paid via and Egift card. When you send the gift card be sure to include your email and mention the gift card is for a Mini Task. 

New Poll – Which Disney Princess Do You Dream of Being?

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for a new Poll! 

This one is simple and just for fun! I want to know what Disney Princess do you dream of being? After you’ve answered I would love to hear why you dream to be that Princess in the comments below!