How to Become one of Goddess Summer’s Owned Pets

Chances are if you’ve been following me for awhile the idea of becoming one of my owned pets has crossed your mind. And even if you’ve just found my blog it’s just as likely you’ve had the same thought. I understand why you feel that way…being owned and controlled by a superior female is your purpose in life afterall isn’t it?

So how do you reach that goal of being my owned pet? You can become owned by me one of three ways.

1. Make the commitment and enroll in my Sissy Training to become the good sissy you are meant to be. If you make it past the first 30 days you will earn the privilege of being my Owned Pet.

2. Submit to chastity. I will immediately own your little clitty and if you make it past 30 days you will earn the privilege of being one of my Owned Pets.

3. Apply to be owned by me and submit to a trial period.

Not everyone who applies will be a good fit for me. I have high expectations for my pets and will only spend time with those who deserve my attention. My pets will earn my time and attention but they must submit to me completely. I expect my pets to follow my rules at all times, complete given tasks thoughtfully and completely, and spoil me with gifts and tributes regularily.

My pets need to be obedient. If you can’t follow simple instructions you will not pass my trial. That includes following these instructions about how to apply to become one of my owned pets.

First, submit a minimum $25 Tribute out of respect for my time and to prove you are committed to being owned by me. The tribute may be sent by (Canadian) gift card to

Second, fill out the application below completely.

Without BOTH of these steps completed you will not have any chance to become my owned pet.


Goddess Summer’s Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is sneaking up fast this year! And since a couple of my boys and girls have been asking for my wishlist I have a feeling you’re all more organized for Christmas then I am! 

I thought the easiest way to share my list would be here since my best boys all follow my blog posts religiously so here it is…

And a couple notes about the list. As you can see it contains various items from Amazon Canada. To make things easy on us both I would like to ask that if you wish to buy me something from my wishlist you choose what you would like to gift and send me that value plus tax of an Gift card and let me know which item it is for. I will then place the order and when it arrives I will wrap the box and put it under my tree to open on Christmas morning. 

As you will see there are a couple higher priced items such as the camera. I wouldn’t expect anyone to buy me that all themselves but I would love contributions that I can put towards buying that! I have big plans for some chastity/sissy photoshoots in the New Year!

If you are one of my local boys you may of course buy it yourself and we can arrange a time for you to bring me the gift in person! 

Thank you in advance to anyone who wishes to send me a Gift for Christmas! 

Hope you’re all having a fun holiday season! 

Goddess Summer

Self Guided Sissy Training and Other Exciting Changes Are Here!

Okay Sissies! It’s been alot of work getting this ready but I’m excited to finally be able to offer you a Self Guided Sissy Training Course!

This is an affordable Monthly Course delivered to your email. Each Monthly Module includes 30 tasks that will take you through your transformation. Your first month is available now and includes tasks that are suitable for those just getting started or with some experience. This Module will set in place many of the behaviors, habits and skills that will be needed later on and will start your Sissy wardrobe. This is the perfect foundation to begin your journey to a Perfect Sissy Girl.

With this new addition I have made some changes to the other Sissy Training options as well as the Chastity options. Check them out and decide which is the best fit for you!

More exciting things will be announced next week including Sissy Training E-Books and Chastity Games. Make sure you are following my blog to get notifications when I make those announcements!

The Words of a New Sissy 

One of my newest Sissies is keeping a journal of his experience in training with me. This wasn’t a demand from me but it’s something I support and enjoy reading the posts to get some insight on how things are going. Today I was very touched to read what he had to say about his first week of training and I wanted to share part of it. He is doing very well with his training so far and I am hopeful that he will continue to please me. Here is what he had to say. 

So, I’ll officially be completing week one this weekend, but I signed my contract just over a week ago so I figure it would be a good time to capture some thoughts on how things are going so far.


First of all, I was extremely hesitant to go forward with this whole thing, but now I am very glad that I did. Goddess Summer has been fantastic so far! (And I’m not just saying that.) I think I already captured this somewhere, but I started on a pay-what-you-can promotion, and within the first couple of days I made sure to rectify the error of a discounted price. The ever-skeptical side of me was half expecting some small degree of interaction and perhaps a series of copy-and-pasted tasks to perform. Now, I feel kinda awful for even admitting that.


I’ve been super impressed with everything so far! Goddess Summer is extremely personable and I think that is what I like the most. I feel like many women in similar roles are super full-of-themselves, or if I’m being honest, kind of bitchy, or enjoy putting men down (not that there isn’t a time and place for that). Goddess Summer has been nothing but supportive and seems like an all-together decent human person. Even if our goofy kinks didn’t happen to align, I get this vibe that she’d be a chill person to have a few drinks with and just bullshit an evening away. I guess you could call that “being approachable” and that is something I particularly value as someone being new(ish) to this whole thing. Also, I know it’s good for business, and encourages more tributes, but she posts “thank yous” for extra things that are sent and it comes across as being genuinely grateful. I adore that! The fun little extras, like the outfit of the day and short stories are a nice little bonus too.


I guess the best way to summarize it, is that in one my early e-mails I made a comment concerning that fact that the simple fact that Summer is a Goddess and that I am interested in being a sissy doesn’t necessarily mean that

we’ll jive. On day-one I signed up to serve because I wanted to explore a particular side of myself and Goddess Summer was providing a service that would help me do that. Every day that has passed since then I have felt a little more and more like Goddess Summer is an individual very much worth serving.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello Sissies!

I am Goddess Summer. I’m here to help your little sissy boy fantasies come true. 

You were born with the urge to cage your useless little dick, dress like a pretty girl, wear beautiful lingerie and worship a Goddess like me. I will help you fulfill this calling.

What does my blog offer you…

  • Inspiration for your wardrobe with “Look of the Day” posts.
  • Make up Tips. 
  • Exercises to help feminize your manly body.
  • Daily Polls and occassional Quizes to see how you compare with other Sissies
  • Sissy Short Stories including “Choose Your Own Adventure” style stories you can participate in.
  • A supportive environment for you to comment on and discuss topics surrounding Sissification.

What Extra Services are available (Paid Services)….

  • Sissy Training Programs
  • Chastity Support and Keyholding
  • Sissy Toy Box Monthly Subscription
  • Personalized Short Stories with you as the main character
  • Lingerie of the Month 

I look forward to having some fun with you Sissy Boys!

Goddess Summer