Beginner Chastity Challenge

Do you only have a few days or maybe just hours of chasity under your belt? You need motivation to stay locked? Will you be able to stay locked the longest?

There are are unlimited spaces in this Challenge and you will compete to remain locked the longest!

Goddess Summer’s Beginner Chastity Challenge will start September 5th. That gives you 3 weeks to order your device and prepare yourself mentally to lock your little clitty away for Goddess Summer!

What you will need:

  • A chastity device.
  • A numbered plastic tag.
  • A Twitter account.

The rules of the Challenge:

  • Lock up for all participants will begin at 12:01am September 5th, 2017. You will self lock using the numbered plastic tag.
  • Each day Goddess Summer will give a prompt for a photo to prove you remain locked.
  • Stay locked the longest and earn the right to say you are no longer a chastity newbie.

The Participation Fee for the Beginner Chastity Challenge is $25 CAD (Payable via an E-Gift Card emailed to

To register for the Beginner Chastity Challenge you need to submit your gift card and fill out the following form. Your registration is not complete until both steps are complete.

Mini Tasks

Ready to dip your toe into submitting? Mini Tasks are perfect for you! 

A small task that will give you a taste of what it would be like to serve. Mini Tasks are meant to be short tasks that can be done in a small amount of time.

All tasks assigned by Goddess Summer have a purpose in mind. 

  • Personal growth/education of the submissive (ie. research, reading, cultural activities)
  • Training/conditioning the submissive (ie. cum training, , personal care (ie. exercise, diet, grooming)
  • To keep the submissive busy (ie. chores, errands, social media)
  • To gather information about the submissive (ie. journalling, questionnaires, essays)
  • Purely for the enjoyment/amusement of Goddess (ie. cbt, humiliation, games, pure silly fun). 

A an appropriate task will be chosen for the submissed based on the relationship between Goddess Summer and the submissive. A request for a specific type of task will be taken into consideration but Goddess Summer will make the final decision.

Ready to dip your toe? Each Mini Task is $10 paid via and Egift card. When you send the gift card be sure to include your email and mention the gift card is for a Mini Task. 

Chastity Game – Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever….Had a Dominant force me to take a strap on in my ass….have you???

I have a fun new Chastity Game that I can’t wait to play! I will ask the questions and you will tell me all your secrets!

The rules are easy:

  • You will lock up in your cage while I hold the key. 
  • I will ask you a number of questions we decide on ahead of time. 
  • Each “Yes” will add a day to your lock up. 
  • I will total all your answers to determine how long until you will be free!

The Fee to play is $100.

    Get in touch to discuss questions or register! 

    Treasure Hunt Chastity Game

    I posted a pic yesterday on Twitter that has spurred lots of questions! So here are a few more details! 

    This is a game for local boys in Toronto. Your key will be buried/hidden somewhere in the city. I will break down a section of the with a grid and your key will be within one of the squares. To narrow down the location of your key you will be required to complete errands or tasks that I give you. With each complete task/errand one square will be blacked out. You will also have the option of buying squares to progress quicker. Once you are down to your last square you will receive a detailed map of where exactly to find your key! 

    Brave enough to try this one out? If so get in touch to play! 

    Chastity Game Contest

    It’s a beautiful sunny Friday and I’m in a generous mood…..Who wants a chance to play a mini version of my Chastity Selfie Scavenger Hunt Game? 

    Here’s how to play!

    Follow me on Twitter. Post a photo of you locked in your cage holding a sign that says “Please Pick Me Goddess Summer!” Tweet the photo to me (@Goddess_Summer_) with the reason I should choose you to play! 

    I will choose up to 3 deserving boys who will get to play a mini version of my game for Free! 

    Put on your cage and post your photo now! 

    ****You have until Sunday at Midnight to post your photo. I will contact the winners on Monday.****

    Chastity Poker

    Time for a new Chastity Game! Who wants to play with me?

    Possible Hands are:

    Royal Flush – The best possible hand in Texas hold’em is the combination of ten, jack, queen, king, ace, all of the same suit

    Straight Flush – Five cards of the same suit in sequential order (10+Jack+Queen+King+Ace = 85 Days)

    Four of a kind – Any four numerically matching cards (Ranging from Four 2’s = 8 Days to 4 Aces = 120 Days

    Full house – Combination of three of a kind and a pair in the same hand (Ranging from Three 2’s + Two 3’s = 12 Days to Three Aces + Two Kings = 120 Days)

    Flush – Five cards of the same suit, in any order (Ranging from 2+3+4+5+6 = 20 Days to 10+Jack+Queen+King+Ace = 85 Days)

    Straight – Five cards of any suit, in sequential order (Ranging from 2+3+4+5+6 = 20 Days to 10+Jack+Queen+King+Ace = 85 Days)

    Three of a kind – Any three numerically matching cards (Ranging from Three 2’s = 6 Days to Three Aces = 90 Days)

    Two pair – Two different pairs in the same hand (Ranging from Two 2’s + Two 3’s = 10 Days to Two Kings + Two Aces = 90 Days) 

    One pair – Any two numerically matching cards (Ranging from Two 2’s = 4 Days to Two Aces = 60 Days

    High card – The highest ranked card in your hand with an ace being the highest (30 Days) and two being the lowest (2 Days).

    ***Game Modification: If you are new at Chastity this game can be modified so the card values count as hours instead of days.