February Surprise of the Month – Valentine’s Day Surprise

Well my Sissy Girls…it’s February! And you know that that means, Valentine’s Day is close! Have you celebrated Valentine’s Day as your sissy self the way every girl should have the opportunity to do? With Lingerie, chocolates and flowers? If no then now is your chance!

I’m not going to send you a dozen roses but here’s what you will recieve.

A pair of panties handpicked by me for you to wear on Valentine’s Day. A piece of jewelry just for you. And another small treat of my choosing. Your surprises will come with a Valentine handwritten to you and a fun little task to be completed on Valentine’s Day!

This month’s surprise is $75 CDN including shipping within Canada and the US. (For International Shipping add $10). The fee is payable by an Amazon.ca (Canadian) gift card sent to TheGoddessSummer@gmail.com

Once you have sent the required fee fill out the Registration form below with all your details.


January Surprise of the Month

Time to annouce the Surprise of the Month Package for January!

It’s time for a Panty Party! This is the perfect time for those of you who are newly discovering your sissy self to fill your panty drawer or those of you who need to add some new panties to your lingerie collection! And let’s be honest, can a sissy really ever have enough pretty panties?

I will be hand picking 10 pair of panties just for you! Included in your package will be a handwritten note from me along with a fun sissy task!

I will be limiting this Surprise of the Month to 5 boys and girls. 

This month’s Surprise of the Month is $125 including shipping within Canada and the US. For international Shipping add $20. The fee is payable by Amazon.ca (Canadian) egift card sent to me at TheGoddessSummer@gmail.com then fill out the information in the registration form below.

December’s Surprise of The Month

December is almost here! With the arrival of December comes all things Christmas and I love it! I love everything about the Holidays and one of my favorite things is Christmas Stockings. I get just as much joy from shopping for all the goodies to give someone a fantastic stocking as I do from opening all the treats in mine on Christmas Morning. 

So for December’s Surprise of the Month I’m excited to put together Christmas Stockings full of treats for my Sissy boys and girls! 

This surprise of the Month is $125 and full of goodies handpicked by me. As an added bonus, anyone who registers for December’s Surprise of the Month will automatically receive free entry in my Sissy Advent Christmas Countdown

To recieve a Christmas Stocking full of Sissy Goodies fill out the registration for here and send your $125 via an Amazon.ca Egift card to TheGoddessSummer@gmail.com

November’s Suprise of the Month Announcement

November is almost here! And you know what that means boys and girls! It’s time to announce what November’s Surprise of the Month is…


Every girl needs jewelry! It’s time to start (or expand) your jewelry collection with one or two items handpicked by me just for you! 

Maybe a beautiful string of pearls, a lovely charm bracelet personalized just for you, or a cute anklet or toe ring…you’ll love getting this package I’m sure! 

The fee for November’s Surprise of the Month is $100. Head over to the Panty of The Month Page here to fill out the registration form. 

You may pay with an Amazon.ca Gift card or by Bitcoin. 

October Surpise of the Month – Lingerie and Halloween! 

It’s that time of the month when I reveal what I will be sending the boys who take part in my Suprise of The Month!

This month I couldn’t decide so I am offering two items. You may choose just one or sign up to receive both! 

First is what I love to shop for most for my boys…Lingerie! This package option will include a Lingerie item (not bras or panties but something a little mroe special) and some stockings to sex up the look!

The second package will be delivered in the middle of the month in time for Halloween. I love halloween and can’t wait to play dress up with my boys so for this package option I will be putting together a few items that will help you create a fantastic costume for me! (and can just be worn for fun dress up times as well of course!) 

As usual each package will come with a task related to that item for you to complete for me! Each package is $100 (including regular shipping in Canada and the US, express shipping is an addtional $25). When you sign up just let me know which package you are selecting or if you would like both! 

Look forward to playing dress up with my boys and girls! 

xo Goddess Summer

September Surprise of the Month – Let’s Talk About Breasts

Okay boys and girls…it’s time to announce the next Surprise of the Month for September! 

This month the focus is on Breasts and Nipples! I will be sending you a package with a lacy bra and a couple other essentials for starting on your breast transformation. You will also receive a training assignment to complete for me with your package of goodies! 

The Surprise of the Month fee is $100 CAD via an Amazon.ca (Canadian) Egift card sent to my email at TheGoddessSummer@gmail.com. Regular Shipping is included within Canada and USA. International shipping will have additional fees. 

***Please note this package will NOT include supplements/hormones/creams***

Poll Results – Surprise of the Month

Okay my boys! It’s time to let you know the results of last weeks Poll. I let you have your say about what the next “Surprise of the Month” will be and there is a clear winner! Pajamas! I love pretty feminine pajamas so I’m thrilled that is the item for August’s “Surprise of the Month” and can’t wait to shop!

Pajamas are $100, which includes pajamas chosen just for you, a task to complete in your pajamas, and regular shipping within Canada and USA. Several of you have already signed up for the Panty of the Month for August so if you want in on this months Surprise of the Month and want them to ship together then be sure to register by Monday, July 31st by Midnight for them to ship out by the end of next week. 

If you have any questions let me know or just send along your payment (by an Amazon.ca Gift Card) with your email, mailing address and clothing size!