New Poll – Surpise of The Month

Time for a new Poll! I want your input! 

I posted a few days ago about my new “Suprise of The Month” offer. This past month I’ve been busy shopping for Bikini’s for my sissies. August is coming soon and I would love your input on what offer you would like to see next (Or soon)! Have your say in the poll below and tell me what item you would love to have me pick out for you! If you don’t see the item you would like then leave a comment to tell me what!


New – Surprise of The Month! This Month Bikinis!

Last Month’s trial for Lingerie of the month was so much fun that I’ve decided to offer something new. A Surprise of the Month program. The item will change each month to help you boys grow your sissy wardrobe with Goddess Approved items. At the beginning of each month I will announce the item for the month and you will be able to sign up to receive that item. I won’t be shipping only at the beginning of the month like the panties, I will shop for your item and ship within a couple days of your payment. Your surprise will come with an appropriate task to complete while wearing your new item. 

So on to this month….Bikinis! Every sissy should own and wear a sexy bikini in the summer. I love a sissy with bikini tan lines! To have me pick out a bikini just for you head over to the contact form here and fill out your details then send your payment of $80 via an gift card.

*This is available for Canada and USA addresses only due to high international shipping rates. 

Panty of The Month Club and Something New

July is almost here and that means the deadline for the Panty of the Month Club is close!  You have until Monday July 3rd at midnight to register for July’s shipment of panties. I will be shopping next week and shipping out your new pretty panties by July 5th. 

Also this month I am offering a new option for a little extra. A Lingerie of the Month Club! The same basic idea as the POTM but you will receive either a sexy lingerie item or Bra and Panty Set! I will still be selecting each item myself, just for you, and you won’t know what it is until it arrives in your mailbox! 

The Panty of the Month Club is at a cost of $40 per month and Lingerie of the Month is $80. To register with your information visit the Panty of the Month Club page here and fill out the contact for with your details and send payment as instructed there. 

Look forward to shopping for my boys and girls! 

Updates and Reminders

Last week was a very busy one getting so many of you new boys settled into training! Here are some updates and reminders about the fun things currently going on.

The Panty of the Month Club is filling up for May. There are only a few more days left to register to receive a pair of panties handpicked by me along with a hand written note with a fun task. Head over here for all the details. Make sure to fill out the registration form and send your payment before the end of the month to be included in this fun Club! 

Don’t forget about the current Game that you should be participating in to try to earn a Month of Free training. Read the orginal post here for all the information to get playing before the games ends soon. Currently Sissy Rose is leading with 74 points so if you’re just starting you have some work to do! 

I’m in the process of writing a self directed Sissy Training Online Course and when I introduce that I will be making some adjustments to the current Sissy Training Packages. Anyone who is currently in a package will be able to continue with that one. So if your little sissy heart is set on of the current packages then you are best to sign up now before I make the changes next week. 

And of course there is a current poll available until Friday. Go check it out and see how you compare with other Sissy boys when it comes to leaving the house dressed as a Sissy! 

I want to see you all participating so get to it! 

Panty Of The Month Club

I love to shop and I had a great time picking out panties and some special treats for you boys receiving April’s Panty of the Month Club! 

If you would like to be part of the fun in May you can find details and register here. 

I had a couple requests for larger gift packages so I’m putting together something special that will include items that every sissy needs to get started with their training including toys, make up, lingerie and some fun extras. This special gift will be in limited quantity so be sure to follow my blog or twitter (see the right hand side of the page to follow each) to be the first to hear when I post details!

April’s Panty of The Month Club

Today is the last day to sign up and send payment for April’s Panty/Lingerie of the Month Club!

You can sign up for one month at a time or save by signing up for 6 months at a time. Each month you will receive a pair of panties or piece of lingerie hand picked by me along with a personal note from me and instructions for one sissy assignment to be completed for me while wearing your new panties.

Prices start at just $20 a month and you can find all the details and register here. Payment must be received by midnight tonight to take part this month and packages will be mailed out by Wednesday. 

Panty Of The Month Club

April is close and there are only a few days left to sign up if you want to receive your special gift this month with the Panty Of The Month Club!

There are a couple options so check out the details below and if you have questions or are ready to sign up be sure to fill out the contact form to get in touch with me or email me directly at

Panty of the Month Club.…from $20 per month
Sign up for One Month at a time for $25 per month or Pay $120 in advance for Six Months of Panties!

  • Each month you will receive One pair of panties selected by me and mailed directly to you. With your panties I will include a personal note with a Sissy task to be completed while wearing your pretty new panties..

You need to be signed up and paid by April 3rd and packages mail out April 5th so don’t wait to get in touch! I have some sexy spring panties ready to be sent out!