New Poll – How Sexually Experienced Are You?

A conversation recently with one of my boys has made me curious to know….

How much sexual experience do you have (with women)? If you select “other” be sure to leave a comment to explain!

And the results from last weeks poll where you voted about which Disney Princess you most want to be….

…it seems like there isn’t a very strong opinion on this!


New Poll – Which Disney Princess Do You Dream of Being?

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for a new Poll! 

This one is simple and just for fun! I want to know what Disney Princess do you dream of being? After you’ve answered I would love to hear why you dream to be that Princess in the comments below! 

New Poll – What is your status with Hair?

It’s Time for a new Poll!

But first the results of the last Poll where I asked, What is Your Longest Time in Chastity? I’m a little surprised at the low average lock up time! You boys need to work on that!

  • 13% A few hours.
  • 24% A few days to a week.
  • 32% 2 to 4 weeks.
  • 9% 2 to 3 months.
  • 9% 4 to 6 months.
  • 7% 7 months to a year.
  • 2% Never been in chastity.
  • 4% Other (Not specified)

And now on to this weeks poll! I want to hear What Is Your Current Status With You Body Hair?

New Poll – What’s The Longest You’ve Been in Chastity?

Today is the day for results of the last poll and to share a new one!

So first, last weeks results from the question How Old Were You The First Time You Tried Women’s Panties. I’m impressed with how young most of you were when you tried on your first panties! 

  • 51% 14 years or younger
  • 32% 15 to 19 yrs old
  • 15% 20 to 25 yrs old
  • 2% 26 to 40 yrs old
  • 0% 41 yrs or older
  • 0% I haven’t tried womens panties yet

And now this weeks new poll. I want to hear from you Chastity Boys. I want to know What’s The Longest You’ve Been In Chastity? Leave a comment to share more about how long you were locked and who held your key.

New Poll – How Old Were You The First Time You Wore Women’s Panties

It’s Friday which means the results are in and I have a fun new poll for you this week!

First the results from last week when I asked what was your favorite feminine wardrobe accessory. And with a stand out favorite, the most common accessory is Stilettos!

  • 50% – A great pair of stilettos
  • 2% – A beautiful purse
  • 4% – A feminine hat
  • 6% – The perfect jewelry
  • 5% – An apron
  • 22% – Anything with a bow
  • 9% – I don’t know how to accessorize
  • 2% – Other

And now for this months quiz! I want to hear how old you were the first time you wore women’s panties. After you’ve made your selection in the poll leave a comment below telling me all the details! I want to know where you were, who’s panties they were, what they looked like, and how they made you feel! 

New Poll – What is Your Favorite Wardrobe Accessory?

It’s Friday and the results are in from last weeks poll! I’m shocked that there was no clear favorite when it comes to bra size and so many of you haven’t even tried a bra yet. Here are the results!

  • 13% – A training bra or bralette without a cup size.
  • 15% – A Cup
  • 13% – B Cup
  • 28% – C Cup
  • 16% – D Cup or Larger
  • 15% – Not sure I haven’t tried a Bra yet.

This week I want to know what your Favorite Feminine Wardrobe Accessory is when you’re getting dressed! Make your selection and see how you compare!

If you missed any previous polls you can have your say here.

New Poll – What Bra Cup Size Do You Like To Wear

It’s Friday and that means the results are in for this past weeks Poll. I’m a little surprised at how timid most of you sissies are about going out in public! You need my help to start pushing your boundaries just a little don’t you!

So when asked how comfortable you are leaving the house dressed as you Sissy self you said….

63% Only in panties or other lingerie completely hidden under my clothes.
16% I will let my panties or bra just peak out the tinest bit.
12% I will wear one or two slightly feminine itmes like skinny jeans or sheer lipgloss.
5% I will go out completely in women’s clothing.
1% I will go out in any Sissy outfit and make up I please!
3% Other 

And on to the new poll! This week I want to know what bra cup size you like to wear. Make your selection below and see how you compare to other Sissies.

If you missed any previous polls you can find them here