For My Pets Only Private Posts

Starting today I will be writing private posts “For My Pets Only”. Only Deserving Pets will have access to these posts.

What is included in the Private Posts? 
My Pets will receive a minimum of one Mini Task each week (more if I’m feeling generous or demanding), extra posts with Feminization tips, additional Quizes, Polls and Games, and anything else I feel like sharing only with my Pets. 

How do I get access?
There are two ways to get the password for these posts. First is to sign up for any of my Sissy Training or Chastity Packages. Second is to pay a Monthly Fee of $25 CAD to receive the password (paid via E-Gift Card) and access to this extra special content each month. 

As a bonus for the first month of this offer anyone who signs up this month will receive access until October 1st. That’s an extra 2 weeks for the same $25 fee! Send your gift cards now to receive your password! 

You can find the posts for “My Pets Only” under that category tab or by clicking here.

Mini Tasks

Ready to dip your toe into submitting? Mini Tasks are perfect for you! 

A small task that will give you a taste of what it would be like to serve. Mini Tasks are meant to be short tasks that can be done in a small amount of time.

All tasks assigned by Goddess Summer have a purpose in mind. 

  • Personal growth/education of the submissive (ie. research, reading, cultural activities)
  • Training/conditioning the submissive (ie. cum training, , personal care (ie. exercise, diet, grooming)
  • To keep the submissive busy (ie. chores, errands, social media)
  • To gather information about the submissive (ie. journalling, questionnaires, essays)
  • Purely for the enjoyment/amusement of Goddess (ie. cbt, humiliation, games, pure silly fun). 

A an appropriate task will be chosen for the submissed based on the relationship between Goddess Summer and the submissive. A request for a specific type of task will be taken into consideration but Goddess Summer will make the final decision.

Ready to dip your toe? Each Mini Task is $10 paid via and Egift card. When you send the gift card be sure to include your email and mention the gift card is for a Mini Task. 

New Poll – Surpise of The Month

Time for a new Poll! I want your input! 

I posted a few days ago about my new “Suprise of The Month” offer. This past month I’ve been busy shopping for Bikini’s for my sissies. August is coming soon and I would love your input on what offer you would like to see next (Or soon)! Have your say in the poll below and tell me what item you would love to have me pick out for you! If you don’t see the item you would like then leave a comment to tell me what!

New – Surprise of The Month! This Month Bikinis!

Last Month’s trial for Lingerie of the month was so much fun that I’ve decided to offer something new. A Surprise of the Month program. The item will change each month to help you boys grow your sissy wardrobe with Goddess Approved items. At the beginning of each month I will announce the item for the month and you will be able to sign up to receive that item. I won’t be shipping only at the beginning of the month like the panties, I will shop for your item and ship within a couple days of your payment. Your surprise will come with an appropriate task to complete while wearing your new item. 

So on to this month….Bikinis! Every sissy should own and wear a sexy bikini in the summer. I love a sissy with bikini tan lines! To have me pick out a bikini just for you head over to the contact form here and fill out your details then send your payment of $80 via an gift card.

*This is available for Canada and USA addresses only due to high international shipping rates. 

Hush Butt Plug

So if you follow me on Twitter you’ve been seeing alot of posts about control of my boys using a Hush. I’ve been getting lots of questions about it so here are some answers to your FAQ!

What is the Hush Butt Plug?

The Hush is Sold by Lovesense. An adult toy company that sells a variety of toys using bluetooth control. The Hush Butt Plug can be controlled at either short range by bluetooth or used with long distance control through an app for control across the world. Using the long range control through the app is the most common way I use the hush to control my boys. 

How do I control the play?

Typically I use the “Live Control” option while we chat. I take control of your device and through the app I control the intensity of the vibrations, the pattern of the pulsations, and even if you are permitted to orgasm or not. 

An alternate method of control is a custom “Pattern”. This is a pattern of vibrations that I will record and send you to download. You can play the pattern over and over again anytime you like.

What to I need to play?

You need to purchase a Hush Butt Plug by Lovesense and you need either and apple or andriod device (tablet or smartphone) to download the app and create an account to give me control.

How much does it cost to play?

If you are enrolled in one of my training or chastity packages that includes one on one time with me then you may wear the plug for control during our chat time at no extra cost, once that time is used up the fee for live control is $50 per hour. 

If you would like a custom “Pattern” created for you the fee is $25 for a 15 minute custom pattern. 

What does it feel like?

I can’t speak from personal experience. So here are a couple quotes from my boys who have given me control recently…

“I love mine. It’s better than sex.”

“Thank you. Some of the best money I’ve ever spent.”

“OMG! It feels SOOOO good!”

“I don’t want to stop. I didn’t expect to love something in my ass as much as I do!” 

So are you convinced?

Head over to Lovesense and order your Hush or if you already have one get in touch to book some time for control or order a custom pattern! 

Pay What You Can!

I’m so thrilled with the response so far for my Brand New Self Guided Sissy Training Course that I’m offering it at a Pay What You Can Price! This is for 24 hrs only so don’t wait!

What is the Self Guided Training Course? It is a Monthly Course delivered to your email. Each Monthly Module includes 30 tasks that will guide you through stages of your transformation. The first month is available now and is suitable for those just getting started and will start you off with many of the behaviours, habits and skills that will be the foundation of your transformation into a Good Sissy Girl. 

How does the Pay What You Can offer work? Simple! You have 24hrs from now (12:00am May 22nd to 11:59pm May 22nd) to take adantage of my offer. Send in your payment via an (Canadian Site ONLY) E-Gift Cert to my email at No need to email me first or ask my permission, send in the payment Now so you don’t miss your chance. Include your email address as a comment on your gift card so I know where to send your Self Guided Sissy Training Course. That’s it! Once I have receieved your gift card you will receive and email from me with your Module for the first Month. 

How much should I send? It’s Pay What You Can! The regular price is $60 per Module but if you can only afford half right now then you may send that. You pay the amount you can, it’s that simple. (You will be receiving the First Module only at the Pay What You Can offer)

Head over to now to send me your gift certificate and you will soon be on your journey to become a Good Sissy Girl like you are destined to be!

Self Guided Sissy Training and Other Exciting Changes Are Here!

Okay Sissies! It’s been alot of work getting this ready but I’m excited to finally be able to offer you a Self Guided Sissy Training Course!

This is an affordable Monthly Course delivered to your email. Each Monthly Module includes 30 tasks that will take you through your transformation. Your first month is available now and includes tasks that are suitable for those just getting started or with some experience. This Module will set in place many of the behaviors, habits and skills that will be needed later on and will start your Sissy wardrobe. This is the perfect foundation to begin your journey to a Perfect Sissy Girl.

With this new addition I have made some changes to the other Sissy Training options as well as the Chastity options. Check them out and decide which is the best fit for you!

More exciting things will be announced next week including Sissy Training E-Books and Chastity Games. Make sure you are following my blog to get notifications when I make those announcements!