Hush Butt Plug

So if you follow me on Twitter you’ve been seeing alot of posts about control of my boys using a Hush. I’ve been getting lots of questions about it so here are some answers to your FAQ!

What is the Hush Butt Plug?

The Hush is Sold by Lovesense. An adult toy company that sells a variety of toys using bluetooth control. The Hush Butt Plug can be controlled at either short range by bluetooth or used with long distance control through an app for control across the world. Using the long range control through the app is the most common way I use the hush to control my boys. 

How do I control the play?

Typically I use the “Live Control” option while we chat. I take control of your device and through the app I control the intensity of the vibrations, the pattern of the pulsations, and even if you are permitted to orgasm or not. 

An alternate method of control is a custom “Pattern”. This is a pattern of vibrations that I will record and send you to download. You can play the pattern over and over again anytime you like.

What to I need to play?

You need to purchase a Hush Butt Plug by Lovesense and you need either and apple or andriod device (tablet or smartphone) to download the app and create an account to give me control.

How much does it cost to play?

If you are enrolled in one of my training or chastity packages that includes one on one time with me then you may wear the plug for control during our chat time at no extra cost, once that time is used up the fee for live control is $50 per hour. 

If you would like a custom “Pattern” created for you the fee is $25 for a 15 minute custom pattern. 

What does it feel like?

I can’t speak from personal experience. So here are a couple quotes from my boys who have given me control recently…

“I love mine. It’s better than sex.”

“Thank you. Some of the best money I’ve ever spent.”

“OMG! It feels SOOOO good!”

“I don’t want to stop. I didn’t expect to love something in my ass as much as I do!” 

So are you convinced?

Head over to Lovesense and order your Hush or if you already have one get in touch to book some time for control or order a custom pattern! 

Pay What You Can!

I’m so thrilled with the response so far for my Brand New Self Guided Sissy Training Course that I’m offering it at a Pay What You Can Price! This is for 24 hrs only so don’t wait!

What is the Self Guided Training Course? It is a Monthly Course delivered to your email. Each Monthly Module includes 30 tasks that will guide you through stages of your transformation. The first month is available now and is suitable for those just getting started and will start you off with many of the behaviours, habits and skills that will be the foundation of your transformation into a Good Sissy Girl. 

How does the Pay What You Can offer work? Simple! You have 24hrs from now (12:00am May 22nd to 11:59pm May 22nd) to take adantage of my offer. Send in your payment via an (Canadian Site ONLY) E-Gift Cert to my email at No need to email me first or ask my permission, send in the payment Now so you don’t miss your chance. Include your email address as a comment on your gift card so I know where to send your Self Guided Sissy Training Course. That’s it! Once I have receieved your gift card you will receive and email from me with your Module for the first Month. 

How much should I send? It’s Pay What You Can! The regular price is $60 per Module but if you can only afford half right now then you may send that. You pay the amount you can, it’s that simple. (You will be receiving the First Module only at the Pay What You Can offer)

Head over to now to send me your gift certificate and you will soon be on your journey to become a Good Sissy Girl like you are destined to be!

Self Guided Sissy Training and Other Exciting Changes Are Here!

Okay Sissies! It’s been alot of work getting this ready but I’m excited to finally be able to offer you a Self Guided Sissy Training Course!

This is an affordable Monthly Course delivered to your email. Each Monthly Module includes 30 tasks that will take you through your transformation. Your first month is available now and includes tasks that are suitable for those just getting started or with some experience. This Module will set in place many of the behaviors, habits and skills that will be needed later on and will start your Sissy wardrobe. This is the perfect foundation to begin your journey to a Perfect Sissy Girl.

With this new addition I have made some changes to the other Sissy Training options as well as the Chastity options. Check them out and decide which is the best fit for you!

More exciting things will be announced next week including Sissy Training E-Books and Chastity Games. Make sure you are following my blog to get notifications when I make those announcements!

NEW Self Guided Sissy Training Course and Price Changes Coming

Good Afternoon Sissies!

What a whirlwind the first two months of my blog has been! Already there have been thousands of visitors from all over the world! And so many new Sissies and Chastity Boys under my wing! I’ve been enjoying hearing about your experiences through my polls each week so keep up the participation! 

I wanted to give you all a little fair warning that things will be making some changes on Friday. I’ve been working long and hard to create a fun Self Guided Online Training Course and I will be launching that Friday. With that addition I’m also updating some of my packages for both Sissy Training and Chastity and prices will be adjusted accordingly. If you are already one of my boys, don’t worry you can keep the pacakge you currently have but if you’re new the old pricing won’t be available. So if you have your little sissy heart set on something get in touch with me now! 

Stay tuned for some exciting new opportunities!

Updates and Reminders

Last week was a very busy one getting so many of you new boys settled into training! Here are some updates and reminders about the fun things currently going on.

The Panty of the Month Club is filling up for May. There are only a few more days left to register to receive a pair of panties handpicked by me along with a hand written note with a fun task. Head over here for all the details. Make sure to fill out the registration form and send your payment before the end of the month to be included in this fun Club! 

Don’t forget about the current Game that you should be participating in to try to earn a Month of Free training. Read the orginal post here for all the information to get playing before the games ends soon. Currently Sissy Rose is leading with 74 points so if you’re just starting you have some work to do! 

I’m in the process of writing a self directed Sissy Training Online Course and when I introduce that I will be making some adjustments to the current Sissy Training Packages. Anyone who is currently in a package will be able to continue with that one. So if your little sissy heart is set on of the current packages then you are best to sign up now before I make the changes next week. 

And of course there is a current poll available until Friday. Go check it out and see how you compare with other Sissy boys when it comes to leaving the house dressed as a Sissy! 

I want to see you all participating so get to it! 

I’m Celebrating with a Pay What You Can Offer!

***EDITED This offer is now expired! Welcome to all the boys who signed up. If you are too late then be sure to sign up to follow my blog by email and you won’t miss opportunities like this in the future! ***

I have BIG cause to celebrate in my personal life today. I’m not sharing details, it’s my private life, but all you need to know is it’s cause for celebration! 

As a way to share the celebration with you boys I’m offering two of my services at a Pay What You Can Rate! 

I’m offering one Month of Basic Keyholding (Regular Price $50) or one Month of Casual Sissy Training (Regular Price $125) on a Pay What You Can basis. That means exactly what it sounds like, you pay what you can. No that doesn’t mean you can get it free, let’s be reasonable. But if you can only afford half of the regular price for example you may pay just what you can afford. 

This offer is only good for today until Midnight so act fast if you’ve been thinking about one of my services!

To take advantage of the offer fill out the form on the corresponding page for either the Basic Keyholding or Casual Sissy Training. Fill out all the details I’ve asked for and let me know in the comments how much you can afford to pay and then send the payment via an e-gift card to my email I will be in touch soon after receiving your message and payment and your month will begin tomorrow. 

Sissy Training Details

I’ve had some questions about what you will learn during your one on one Sissy Training Sessions. Here is a general outline of the main topics that will be covered as we progress through your transformation into the Sissy you desire to be. 

For details about pricing and to register you can visit the Sissy Training Page here.

The Basics:

Learning the basics first is so important to start your Sissy transformation. 

We will start with your wardrobe. Even the newest Sissy will have likely accumulated at least a couple pair of panties. We will begin by evaluating your current wardrobe and creating a list of what needs to be added for your transformation including panties, bra’s, skirt’s, dresses and stockings.

Next we will focus on your beauty routine. You will learn the process of exfoliating, shaving and/or waxing and hair care. These things will not only make your appearance more feminine, it will also make you feel much more like the sissy  girl that you are destined to become.  Once you have mastered that you will be introduced to the world of make-up, manicures, pedicures and learn about other beauty products.

Getting Dressed:

We will start with the foundation of panties, bras and stockings. Every Sissy needs to have an assortment of lingerie ready for any occasion. You will learn how to find your proper bra size and how to put on stockings. I will take your preferences into consideration but make the final decision about what pieces you need to add to your wardrobe to complete your appropriate Sissy look.

Now by this point you may think you can pass for a Sissy but we have merely given you a more appropriate feminine appearance. We will have a long way to go and will begin the more challenging part of changing your behaviour. 


During our Etiquette lessons you will learn to embrace the more feminine behaviours you desire. You learn to speak in a soft voice like a woman, learn to pose for photos in a feminine way, learn to walk like a proper sissy and so on. Practice will be necessary and will become part of your daily routine until it becomes second nature.

As these feminine qualities start to become more natural we will work on incorporating them into your daily life. Don’t worry, I will respect any boundaries you set in advance about keeping this side of you hidden but we will incorporate it in a way that satisfies your privacy as well as your need to embrace your feminine side.

Now that you can talk, walk and look more like a Sissy, it will be time to move to more intimate training.

Sex Training:

During this portion of your training you will learn to be the good sissy slut you were destined to be. This training will include but not be limited to; cock sucking, anal training and general submissive training. Learning how to please your dominant partner is vital to your training and I will guide you through this process to gain the skills and confidence you need to please any real man. 

Life Skills:

There are many general skills that come naturally to females that you may struggle with including housework, shopping, cooking, and being a caretaker to those around you. While they seem insignificant they help create the essence of a feminine woman. Throughout your training you will learn many of the skills you will need to fulfill your Sissy calling.