February Surprise of the Month – Valentine’s Day Surprise

Well my Sissy Girls…it’s February! And you know that that means, Valentine’s Day is close! Have you celebrated Valentine’s Day as your sissy self the way every girl should have the opportunity to do? With Lingerie, chocolates and flowers? If no then now is your chance!

I’m not going to send you a dozen roses but here’s what you will recieve.

A pair of panties handpicked by me for you to wear on Valentine’s Day. A piece of jewelry just for you. And another small treat of my choosing. Your surprises will come with a Valentine handwritten to you and a fun little task to be completed on Valentine’s Day!

This month’s surprise is $75 CDN including shipping within Canada and the US. (For International Shipping add $10). The fee is payable by an Amazon.ca (Canadian) gift card sent to TheGoddessSummer@gmail.com

Once you have sent the required fee fill out the Registration form below with all your details.


How to Become one of Goddess Summer’s Owned Pets

Chances are if you’ve been following me for awhile the idea of becoming one of my owned pets has crossed your mind. And even if you’ve just found my blog it’s just as likely you’ve had the same thought. I understand why you feel that way…being owned and controlled by a superior female is your purpose in life afterall isn’t it?

So how do you reach that goal of being my owned pet? You can become owned by me one of three ways.

1. Make the commitment and enroll in my Sissy Training to become the good sissy you are meant to be. If you make it past the first 30 days you will earn the privilege of being my Owned Pet.

2. Submit to chastity. I will immediately own your little clitty and if you make it past 30 days you will earn the privilege of being one of my Owned Pets.

3. Apply to be owned by me and submit to a trial period.

Not everyone who applies will be a good fit for me. I have high expectations for my pets and will only spend time with those who deserve my attention. My pets will earn my time and attention but they must submit to me completely. I expect my pets to follow my rules at all times, complete given tasks thoughtfully and completely, and spoil me with gifts and tributes regularily.

My pets need to be obedient. If you can’t follow simple instructions you will not pass my trial. That includes following these instructions about how to apply to become one of my owned pets.

First, submit a minimum $25 Tribute out of respect for my time and to prove you are committed to being owned by me. The tribute may be sent by amazon.ca (Canadian) gift card to TheGoddessSummer@gmail.com

Second, fill out the application below completely.

Without BOTH of these steps completed you will not have any chance to become my owned pet.