Chastity Wars

EDIT on April 24th: Round One is complete and there are 4 boys moving on! Check the brackets below to see who those boys are. The semi-final round will be starting soon after these 4 have had a few days free 😉

Chastity Wars is about to begin! Who’s excited? Or maybe nervous? Have those feelings now because when that lock clicks shut on your cage there’s no looking back!

For those of you participating here’s what you need to know…

  • The locks were put in the mail last week so you should hopefully all receive yours by the end of this week. Enclosed in your envelope is the open lock (do not close it or put it on your cage until you are instructed to do so) and a sealed key. The key is sealed in lamination with a “Player Number”. It is laminated so I will know if you use the key to open your cage after you have locked. If you break the lamination seal and use the key you will are out.
  • Locks and Player Numbers were distributed into envelopes randomly. I don’t know who will be paired up until you open your envelopes and reveal your player number to me. As you do so I will fill in the Score Bracket below so you can see who you will be paired up against for the first round. 8 players means 4 pairs. The boy locked the longest from each pair will advance to the Semi Finals. New locks (and keys) will be sent to those 4 boys to once again compete in pairs to make it to the Finals. Those Final 2 will lock once again until just one boy remains locked and is named the Winner of Chastity Wars.
  • I am currently anticipating the Lock Up to be scheduled for Monday (See Edit Above), assuming everyone has received their locks by then (I will make a decision on Friday depending on any outstanding locks). Two of the locks are on their way to Australia so they may take a couple extra days to get there. I will give everyone atleast 24hrs notice of when the lock up will occur so watch for messages from me with instructions.
  • Once one player from a pair has unlocked the other player in that pair is free to unlock until the start of the next round.
  • If in the Semi Final round one of the 4 who moved on drops out the spot will be filled by the “Loser” from the first round with the longest time locked.

For those of you who are following along or wish you had a spot…

  • If you are disappointed you missed out I will open another round with the next 8 locks when there is enough interest. You may hold your spot by reading the original post and following the instructions to send a tribute and fill out the registration to claim one of the next 8 Locks. I will begin another round when those next 8 locks are claimed.
  • If you are just following along I will update the Scoring Bracket below as players drop out or advance. You may also follow along on Twitter by following me @Goddess_Summer_ or following the players below. (This is a fun game so keep any comments supportive or you will be blocked instantly).

If you have any questions you may get in touch with me here!

And now meet the Players of Chastity Wars!