Private posts titled “For My Pets Only” are available only to those who are special enough to receive the password for access.

What is included in the Private Posts? 
My Pets will receive a minimum of one Mini Task each week (more if I’m feeling generous or demanding), extra posts with Feminization tips, additional Quizes, Polls and Games, and anything else I feel like sharing only with my Pets. 

How do I get access?
There are two ways to get the password for these posts. First is to sign up for any of my Sissy Training or Chastity Packages. Second is to pay a Monthly Fee of $25 CAD to receive the password (paid via E-Gift Card) and access to this extra special content each month.

As a bonus for the first month of this offer anyone who signs up beginning today will receive access until October 1st. That’s an extra 2 weeks for the same $25 fee! Send your gift cards now to receive your password! 

You can find the posts for “My Pets Only” under that category tab or by clicking here.