New Poll – What’s The Longest You’ve Been in Chastity?

Today is the day for results of the last poll and to share a new one!

So first, last weeks results from the question How Old Were You The First Time You Tried Women’s Panties. I’m impressed with how young most of you were when you tried on your first panties! 

  • 51% 14 years or younger
  • 32% 15 to 19 yrs old
  • 15% 20 to 25 yrs old
  • 2% 26 to 40 yrs old
  • 0% 41 yrs or older
  • 0% I haven’t tried womens panties yet

And now this weeks new poll. I want to hear from you Chastity Boys. I want to know What’s The Longest You’ve Been In Chastity? Leave a comment to share more about how long you were locked and who held your key.

Pick A Card Chastity Game

Happy Friday boys and girls!

I’m in the mood to play a game, who wants to join me? The rules are simple as you can see below. When the deck of cards is done this round of the game is over!

Send an E-Gift Certificate now to buy in a and play! (Be sure to include your email and name and  address so I can reach you and send your envelope and lock)

***Game Modification: If you are new at Chastity this game can be modified so the card values count as hours instead of days. 

Pay What You Can!

I’m so thrilled with the response so far for my Brand New Self Guided Sissy Training Course that I’m offering it at a Pay What You Can Price! This is for 24 hrs only so don’t wait!

What is the Self Guided Training Course? It is a Monthly Course delivered to your email. Each Monthly Module includes 30 tasks that will guide you through stages of your transformation. The first month is available now and is suitable for those just getting started and will start you off with many of the behaviours, habits and skills that will be the foundation of your transformation into a Good Sissy Girl. 

How does the Pay What You Can offer work? Simple! You have 24hrs from now (12:00am May 22nd to 11:59pm May 22nd) to take adantage of my offer. Send in your payment via an (Canadian Site ONLY) E-Gift Cert to my email at No need to email me first or ask my permission, send in the payment Now so you don’t miss your chance. Include your email address as a comment on your gift card so I know where to send your Self Guided Sissy Training Course. That’s it! Once I have receieved your gift card you will receive and email from me with your Module for the first Month. 

How much should I send? It’s Pay What You Can! The regular price is $60 per Module but if you can only afford half right now then you may send that. You pay the amount you can, it’s that simple. (You will be receiving the First Module only at the Pay What You Can offer)

Head over to now to send me your gift certificate and you will soon be on your journey to become a Good Sissy Girl like you are destined to be!

NEW Self Guided Sissy Training Course and Price Changes Coming

Good Afternoon Sissies!

What a whirlwind the first two months of my blog has been! Already there have been thousands of visitors from all over the world! And so many new Sissies and Chastity Boys under my wing! I’ve been enjoying hearing about your experiences through my polls each week so keep up the participation! 

I wanted to give you all a little fair warning that things will be making some changes on Friday. I’ve been working long and hard to create a fun Self Guided Online Training Course and I will be launching that Friday. With that addition I’m also updating some of my packages for both Sissy Training and Chastity and prices will be adjusted accordingly. If you are already one of my boys, don’t worry you can keep the pacakge you currently have but if you’re new the old pricing won’t be available. So if you have your little sissy heart set on something get in touch with me now! 

Stay tuned for some exciting new opportunities!