The Hush Club

Do you love your Hush Plug? Do you crave control from a Femdom? It’s time to give yourself over and be my plaything!


Anyone who follows me knows I love playing with my boys and their Hush Butt Plugs! There are so many ways to taunt and tease using the vibrations. I love to get creative with new patterns and push you right to the edge of orgasm!

Join my Hush Club now to see how much teasing you can take!

How does it work?

Your monthly/yearly membership will run for 1 month/year from the day you join. So if you register for a Monthly Membership on the 10th of the month you will be a member until the 10th of the next month. If you register for a Yearly Membership on March 1st 2017 you will be a member until March 1st 2018. At the end of that month/year you will need to renew your membership to continue.

During each Month of your membership you will receive….

  • 10 recorded patterns along with instructions for play.
  • 1 mp3 to play and control the vibrations through the sound of my voice.
  • Any other perks I decide Any other perks I decide to send!

Do I need a Hush to join?

The hush is most common with my boys but you can use any of the toys in the Lovense line. If you don’t already have one of their toys you can visit their site and order one to play here. (That is an affiliate link and I receive $15 for each toy purchased using that link)

Do I have to be in Chastity to join?

No you don’t have to be in chastity to join my Hush Club but it does add to the fun if you are! If you are locked in chastity for me then membership to The Hush Club is automatic for as long as you maintain your locked status. If you would like to consider having me hold your key you can check out my options for chastity here.

How much does it cost?

$40 for a Monthly Membership

$240 for a Yearly Membership

How Do I Join?

Send the Fee ($40 or $240) by (Canadian) gift card to and then complete the Registration form below. Once you have completed BOTH those steps you are a Member of The Hush Club!



Happy #MaleChastityDay

Valentine’s Day is over and you know what that means (or maybe you don’t?)…it’s #MaleChastityDay!

In my book every day is a good day for chastity but #MaleChastityDay was started a few years ago as a way to bring awareness and introduce new boys to chastity.

So in honour of #MaleChastityDay I’m offering a few of my favorite Chastity Games at a discounted fee! For 24hrs only from 12:01am February 15th until 11:59pm. The Game fee for all three of these games is just $50.

The games are Truth Or Dare, The Hush Chastity Challenge and Chastity Poker. Visit each of the linked pages for details about each game!

To register submit the $50 fee via an gift card sent to and complete the Registration Form Below.



The Sissy Games – Coming February 15th!

You’ve been waiting for my announcement with details and the time is finally here!

The Sissy Games are coming February 15th!

Time to put yourself to the test and see how you compare as a Good Sissy!

The Sissy Games will include 7 Events over 3 weeks.

Part Training. Part Competition. Part Pageant.

Events will test Sissies in areas of body transformation, beauty, talent, domestic abilities and servitude.

At the beginning of The Sissy Games you will be given a schedule of Events and deadlines. As each Event starts I will provide you with helpful tips and full instructions so you can do your best to impress me. For each Event points will be awarded based on how well you pleased me. Points will accumulate towards the Final Sissy Standings to see how you compare to other sissies.

Sissies of any level may participate. If you are owned by a dominant other then me you may participate only with their permission.

The Sissy Games is a Pay What You Can activity. Which means you may send what you can afford to participate. Participation fees are payable by (Canadian) gift card sent to

After you have sent your gift card complete the Registration form below with all the required information!