New Poll – Surpise of The Month

Time for a new Poll! I want your input! 

I posted a few days ago about my new “Suprise of The Month” offer. This past month I’ve been busy shopping for Bikini’s for my sissies. August is coming soon and I would love your input on what offer you would like to see next (Or soon)! Have your say in the poll below and tell me what item you would love to have me pick out for you! If you don’t see the item you would like then leave a comment to tell me what!

New – Surprise of The Month! This Month Bikinis!

Last Month’s trial for Lingerie of the month was so much fun that I’ve decided to offer something new. A Surprise of the Month program. The item will change each month to help you boys grow your sissy wardrobe with Goddess Approved items. At the beginning of each month I will announce the item for the month and you will be able to sign up to receive that item. I won’t be shipping only at the beginning of the month like the panties, I will shop for your item and ship within a couple days of your payment. Your surprise will come with an appropriate task to complete while wearing your new item. 

So on to this month….Bikinis! Every sissy should own and wear a sexy bikini in the summer. I love a sissy with bikini tan lines! To have me pick out a bikini just for you head over to the contact form here and fill out your details then send your payment of $80 via an gift card.

*This is available for Canada and USA addresses only due to high international shipping rates. 

Treasure Hunt Chastity Game

I posted a pic yesterday on Twitter that has spurred lots of questions! So here are a few more details! 

This is a game for local boys in Toronto. Your key will be buried/hidden somewhere in the city. I will break down a section of the with a grid and your key will be within one of the squares. To narrow down the location of your key you will be required to complete errands or tasks that I give you. With each complete task/errand one square will be blacked out. You will also have the option of buying squares to progress quicker. Once you are down to your last square you will receive a detailed map of where exactly to find your key! 

Brave enough to try this one out? If so get in touch to play! 

Panty of The Month Club and Something New

July is almost here and that means the deadline for the Panty of the Month Club is close!  You have until Monday July 3rd at midnight to register for July’s shipment of panties. I will be shopping next week and shipping out your new pretty panties by July 5th. 

Also this month I am offering a new option for a little extra. A Lingerie of the Month Club! The same basic idea as the POTM but you will receive either a sexy lingerie item or Bra and Panty Set! I will still be selecting each item myself, just for you, and you won’t know what it is until it arrives in your mailbox! 

The Panty of the Month Club is at a cost of $40 per month and Lingerie of the Month is $80. To register with your information visit the Panty of the Month Club page here and fill out the contact for with your details and send payment as instructed there. 

Look forward to shopping for my boys and girls! 

Chastity Game Contest

It’s a beautiful sunny Friday and I’m in a generous mood…..Who wants a chance to play a mini version of my Chastity Selfie Scavenger Hunt Game? 

Here’s how to play!

Follow me on Twitter. Post a photo of you locked in your cage holding a sign that says “Please Pick Me Goddess Summer!” Tweet the photo to me (@Goddess_Summer_) with the reason I should choose you to play! 

I will choose up to 3 deserving boys who will get to play a mini version of my game for Free! 

Put on your cage and post your photo now! 

****You have until Sunday at Midnight to post your photo. I will contact the winners on Monday.****