Every good Sissy needs a well stocked Panty drawer!

July is quickly approaching! The deadline to register for July’s package is June 30th and packages will be mailed out by July 5th.

To Register or inquire with questions fill out the form below!

Panty of the Month Club.…$4o per month

  • Each month you will receive One pair of panties selected by me and mailed directly to you. With your panties I will include a personal note with a task to be completed while wearing your pretty new panties.
Fill My Panty Drawer…$150
  • One of your first tasks when starting your Sissy training will be to make sure you have enough panties to wear a different pair each day for a week. Every Good Sissy needs an assortment of panties to be prepared for any situation. I will stock your panty drawer with 7 pairs of pretty panties in an assortment of styles, fabrics and colours all hand picked by me and mailed directly to you.

***For your privacy packages will be mailed in a discreet brown envelope with nothing to indicate there are panties inside.

***Shipping To Canada and USA Included. For shipping elsewhere contact to confirm additional shipping charges.

Payment accepted by Amazon.ca E-Gift Card. To send your payment visit Amazon.ca here, select the appropriate amount and enter my email to deliver to (TheGoddessSummer@gmail.com). Be sure to include a message and your email in the Message area so I know who it’s from.